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Jeela Food Point in Lahore

The Jeela food point in Lahore is a favorite for all desi foodies. It has six different foods 6 days a week.

It is a cafe with street food and a relaxed atmosphere. It is also known for its delectable breakfast menu. Their TG Stack, French breakfast with seasonal fruit and vanilla cream, or a TG pink smoothie bowl are some of the most popular choices.

Waris Nihari

One of Lahore’s most time-honored desi food items, nihari is a popular breakfast choice that is available in numerous restaurants. However, Waris Nihari does not disappoint its loyal customers and is known to serve the best nihari in town.

Murgh cholay, also known as chicken chanay or mutton chanay, is another must-have dish when visiting Lahore. A plate of this traditional meal accompanied by naan and a glass of lassi is sure to make you feel satiated.

Butt Karahi

A karahi is a cast iron wok or pot in the kitchen. It’s the mainstay of the a la carte menu at most Pakistani restaurants, as well as an excellent choice for breakfast. This is because it’s a great way to get the most of your meat by reducing it in an otherwise bland marinade. The key to success is a good balance of salt and ghee and a little tinkering with the heat.

Jeela Chanay Wala

If you want to have a delicious breakfast in Lahore then you should visit this famous Jheela Chanay Wala in Shad Bagh. This place has very economical prices.

This dish is one of the most popular desi dishes in Lahore and it is available everywhere. It is a delicious stew with tender mutton and ghee.

English Tea House

This classic tea shop features a vintage feel and comfort food options. They have breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner menus.

There’s also a small bakery display containing macarons and scones in the middle of it all. The cafe has a decent selection of desserts and is popular among locals, particularly for the waffles and pancakes.

Grato Jalebi

If you are a fan of desi food, Jeela food point is the place to be. They offer a wide range of different foods.

They have a special breakfast menu where you can find Halwa Puri, Nashta, and other items which are very delicious.

This place is also famous for its Grato Jalebi which is twice the size of a regular jalebi and has more sugar than anything else. It is a must-try in Lahore.

Khan Baba Naan

Lahore is known for its iconic desi food, and it has some legendary dishes that are must-try. These places are some of the most popular in Lahore and people from all around Pakistan travel to this city just to eat them!

Khan Baba Naan is a great place for those who love desi cuisine. It offers a wide variety of dishes including mutton chops, qeema naan and qorma.

Dumba Karahi

If you love desi food, then you must try this place. They have 6 different dishes six days a week and everything is prepared with Desi Ghee which is a specialty of this restaurant.

If you are looking for a karahi with dumba meat in it, then this is the place to go. This halwa is cold, fresh, and topped with crispy papri, sweet chutney, and chaat masala.

Dahi Bhallay

Dahi Bhallay is a yogurt-based snack with fried lentils, and it’s quite famous in markets where women stop to enjoy a quick bite during their shopping. There are a few places in Lahore where you can get the best Dahi Bhallay, but one of our favorites is by Ahmad Dahi Bhallay at Nishat Colony (Old Lahore).

Another dish that is loved by the people of Lahore is Hareesa – this is a stew of wheat, meat, and several herbs and spices. It is served with naan or khameeri roti and is a wonderful meal.

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