Best Yoga’s mental and physical fitness : yoga and mental health therapy

physical and mental benefits of yoga :Life is the great blessing and trust of Allah, we should keep our body, mind and soul healthy so that we can handle domestic, office and business matters happily. If we are not physically self-sufficient, then worship Prayer, fasting, reciting, Hajj promises can not be paid properly.

Various yoga exercises are not only the best and easy way to achieve health care, but also the treatment of every disease.

yoga poses for flexibility and strength

Yoga exercises make the body flexible, balanced, and profitable. Vegetable is always a positive attitude.
If you are angry with depression, you are upset with depression and depression, you are suffering from obesity, mental stress, diabetes, blood pressure, pesticide, low dysfunction and nervous fatigue or drowned doctors’ medicines. Do not get frustrated, if you are tired of doing life, come in the morning, read the prayer and turn the park.

Only early 10-day yoga exercises can be saved from all diseases. All the exercise at the age of age is free from age, weather, instruments and time imprisonment. Can monitormYoga exercises are used to control physical fitness and selfishness. According to Aisha Chha, a teacher of American organization Sir Tiffany Yoga, said:

breathing in yoga beginner

Long breathing process in a yoga : Yoga nose is a long and deep breathing process .When we take long breath, energy begins to run in our veins and muscles .The breathing of the body involves oxygen in the blood and reaches all the body parts, Patterns, minds, liver, kidneys, and lobbies do better work better, and beauty is our responsibility.

We take breathing daily due to daily, Symptoms of respiration is a symbol of life. Breaking and spreading lungs by the process of alcohol respiration increases the concentration of oxygen .The oxygen level is balanced in the blood, blood becomes cleaned up quickly. The blood pressure and the levels of blood sugar are usually on the rise. By clearing the blood, brain and heart do better in their heart.

yoga to look younger and beautiful

The face looks comfortable and over. The human life is on the breath of breath, the maximum breathing during long breathing and entering into any body and removing it is more .If you are breathing during yoga exercise If you do not continue to process the process, you lose full advantage. The system of sourness in the Vega system improves respiratory system. Provides strength by establishing partnership between mind and body.

Yoga is actually the name of making the body elastic, dynamic and active through internal and external touches .Chronic patients with these exercises can also be healthy .The biggest advantage of the yoga is that body fat and then tea It makes, heart wants to work, sweet and sleepy sleep.Physical exercise is more important than diabetes for diabetes patients, they should be used every day daily, or as blood circulation is reduced, hands will be heard.

We are living in mental stress and the period of psychological stress. This mental stress affects our nerves and complicates various parts, Yoga is the best exercise to eliminate this problem.

Blood circulation brings food up to the cells. It will be difficult to reach oxygen and glucose cells and we will get energy. Drinking lunch is digestive, hungry, and good thoughts come. Flexibility is a symbol of a youth and a gift of life, but the flexibility of hard work and love can not be possible. This flexibility can be brought back to life at any age.


There is no need to run in yoga exercises, run away, which does not have tiredness and remains healthy on the body .Chronic pain, consistency and confidence arise.
American yoga teacher Alden says cold or hot to keep you healthy health. You can yoga in the winter, sitting around the volcano, this is also a natural remedy.

Acquisition and heat can help you get rid of various diseases. On the one hand, the use of computer, internet and mobile phone has increased cheaper, sliced, ease-of-the-art habits, which is due to low diabetes, blood pressure, waist pain, low dysfunction and depression. Physicians like medicine have made business on the other hand.

The first physicians just saw the pulse and reached the bottom of the disease, today, despite the latest technologies and advanced tests, the disease is not found.I have experienced that people will take expensive treatments, bitter pills, teeth, insulin, vaccine, and expensive lab tests, but will not take time for half an hour exercise. Please note that the patient can control the disease. I do not get the fitness back. The daily morning to change the health, life, refreshing, and happiness in life

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