Wearing a surgical mask in public – Face mask wearing method

What is a surgical mask?

surgical mask: The surgical mask is used to cover our mouth. The surgical mask of the face covers our nose and mouth so that no dirt can be left in the mouth, and the liquor and the various types of germs in our minah Stop from Surgical mask is the type of face mask that is commonly used.
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how to wear a surgical mask

When the surgical mask is properly used or imposed, this respiratory can help prevent spreading the spread of infections to a limited extent and surgical is very beneficial.

When do we need to wear surgical masks? 

We should choose the appropriate size head jacket mask. Surgical mask sizes are available for children as described.

1-Handle the hand well before wearing a surgical mask.
2- The surgical mask should be sticky on the face firmly.

The color of the surgical mask should be just outside and the metal strip should be at the top. And surgical masks are not colorful on any side, they should be on the outside side whose direction is downward.

Put a metal strip over the nose bridge. Extend the surgical mask completely so that they can completely cover the mouth and the nose.
To tie a surgical mask, one neck should be tied to the top of the head so that no one can succeed. Then the bottom side should knock down the neck toward the neck so that it can be adjusted properly. Aerospace bands should be placed around both the ears for the air loop type.

After wearing a surgical mask, avoid touching the surgical mask. If you do not do this, then clean your hands before touching the mask and afterward.

how to properly put on a surgical mask?

If the surgical mask is damaged or if it is surrounded, change it immediately; and at least change it daily so that it should be cleaned.
Before removing the surgical mask, clear the hand and remove the surgical mask.

removing surgical masks: While removing surgical masks, avoid surgical masks from touching the outside because germs may be present on it and you can also get ill. Do not wear used surgical masks again and throw the surgical mask used in the bottle trash.
clean the hands: Once again, clean the hands properly with germs.

As a result of wearing a surgical mask for the prevention of respiratory infections and safeguards, we need to take care of the following safety measures carefully to reduce the risk of infection.

It is very important to stay away from the infection norm.

Washing hands by using a surgical mask can also be ill because there are surgical masks in the germs. Use your surgical mask to clear your hands.

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