Conor McGregor announces retirement update News | mixed martial arts

Corner McGeorger said, I want to move all of my old colleagues to compete so that we can be able to do so and now I am involved in planning with my special colleagues, I already have a good career on me from retirement. Is!

conor mcgregor announces retirement

Iron-amine, which has ended with a record 28-4 record, could not be fought from October in many years when they lost the lightweight Champion Khabb Normomododov of the UCC 235. But six months later it was suspended that the battle spread completely in the crowd. Normomomodov has received heavy punishment or has been banned for ten months.

It will be announced and this report will be told that the UFC President Dana White visited McGregor in a very central central ceremony, which is considered as a memorandum in the upcoming event in Villas Vegas for July 10. White believes that the 31-year-old retirees that makes sense of this, as well as has been successful in the successful businesses.
McGridge has appeared on Jimmy Phillips’s hours for hours before an announcement, they all started saying that they want to fight again and are curious to get rid of it, even though their need was not written. They all said that we are ready for life and my family is ready for our lives. I have done so much in many wars and there are many battles, never defeated. I never competed.


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