Apply U.S Visa requirements – USA Visa documents checklist for parents

Document required for U.S Visa requirements .The Trump Administration has announced that American U.S Visa want to get data from all social media activity data. This proposal has been given by the US Department of State and under this, the applicant will have full details of his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Describe social media for U.S Visa very important?

visitor visa usa .The details of the social networking website that they have used in five years will be provided. These information will be used to fully identify and tear them, and these two types of U.S Visa will be used. Implementation on Immigrant and non-immigrant.
The details of the telephone number, mobile number, email, and addition information, as well as the details of the travel information used by the applicant for U.S Visa in the past five years will also be asked. They will also have to tell if they have ever been miserable from the country and have no relatives or friends involved in any terrorist activities, and have to write on a statement on Friday, which will be accepted on legal notice.
This new proposal will not affect the citizens of the countries that allow U.S to travel without U.S Visa. They include the UK, Canada, France and Germany. But citizens of non-resorted countries like Pakistan, India, China, and Mexico will be affected by this, even though they go to America for work or for leisure or leisure work.
It is believed that President Putram has strongly suggested that after the promise of a ‘tough trial’ before entering the United States to deal with terrorism, legal action can also be done if it came to America illegally.

U.S visa qualifications

U.S Visa types .If you are a common employee and want to apply for taking a B-1 U.S Visa , then you will have to testify with some details in detail:
The purpose of your entry into the U.S Visa is that you have to work as a domestic employee. You have to plan for a specific, limited period in the United States.
Your social media account should be eligible for your specifications
You have proof of a strong social and economic relationship with a non-country because it is necessary and is the US law.
Your qualification for the United States is absolutely right, as you can properly live in the environment and understand each other.


how long does it take to become a us citizen

U.S Visa citizen . Private or domestic business employees are temporarily repeating the United States with jobs in the United States, are you satisfied that
1. Employees will be abroad overseas who does not intend to leave it.
2. An alien employee, who has been kept in the United States for personal or domestic employee for at least six months or more employee admission, or employer, can show that when the stranger was abroad, he The domestic business employee is in good standing, which is the purpose of the employee.
3. Employees at least one year or second personal or domestic business experience can be shown on paper as evidence certified by old employers.
4. The employee has the original copy of the original port on the port of portfolio and the original signature of the employee is Mark Chhattha.

In order to guarantee a requirement of a job requirement, the employer and employee has a signature number and date of signature (b) in addition to this, in addition to some conditions, the employee will pay minimum or minimum wages, the account of eight hours duty of these donors Which will become more valuable. There are other benefits pertaining to a job-sharing presence, which is very important in the area for the US businessman’s employee. And will give a two-week notice if he intends to work with the employee, then the employee will stop giving notice of more than two weeks. If he plans to leave the job.

the integration of immigrants into american society

The US legal is permanent (green card reader) not allowed to allow its domestic employees to be brought to the United States on B-1 visa in any case.

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