what is average blood pressure by your age? – low blood pressure chart

You may have many health issues. These health issues take shape of heart diseases, blood pressure problems, cancer, debbotting diseases. Health and nutritional food is needed to regularize blood pressure. For high bulchpes, there should be a diet that contains the amount of salt and sodium.



There may be a person’s death, blood pressure problem is happening. The problem of bulchup is two types – high bulk and low bulch. High bulchup problem is also called hypertension. Blood pressure is 80/130. Let’s tell you about a diet chart to regulate blood pressure

Fresh fruits and vegetables dry

High bulk disease should not be consumed in high doses, as well as avoid eating Harry. Regarding the latest beans regularly and vegetable green vegetables in the meal should be done more. Use of garlic, onions, holes, soybean, and blood pressure is common.



 what kind of food can you eat on a low sodium diet ?


low sodium diet recipes :The amount of potassium in the blood pressure patient and the amount of sodium will be lower. If there is high bulchup problem then reducing salt forest. Along with dieting products, sugar, refund food-vegetables, fried-eyelashes, caffeine and jac diet.


safe water supply : Blood pressure patient should use more water. Must drink at least 10-12 glasses of water in a day



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