How does smartphone’s light affect us?

The blue lights that are removed from smartphones, tablets, and laptops are surprisingly powerful that you have not even imagined. This light enhances the screens of these devices so that we can see them in daylight. You can also see and at night, they are so bright that you can compare it even by daylight. That’s why it’s not a good way to hit those screens in the night for a long time.

Our bodies naturally follow a cycle that helps us to keep awake and mentally conscious of the day, while due to that, we get the chance to relax at night. But when people get to the screen before sleeping If you see, the brain is confused because their effects are like morning suns, which cause the brain to stop making the body hormone melatonin-time-consuming. This obstacle in the hormone causes your sleep to be asleep. Affects the cycle, which makes it difficult to sleep in the night while day in day, which increases the risk of many medical problems.

Remembering the memory

The obstacle at sleep times affects the ability to focus on humans, while memory also starts to become weak.

Threat of obesity

Inflation of melatonin also affects other hormones that control hunger, resulting in an increased risk of obesity.

Depression problem

Depression risk deposits more than twice as many people in the body’s level of melatonin levels and physical anxiety.

Good sleeping

Using the habit of smartphones before sleeping is a habit of habitat that causes long-term ingredients to cure poisonous ingredients that make it impossible for a good and standard sleep.

The ability to understand thought reduction

One night’s bad sleep makes it difficult for you to understand something, so you can imagine how it can affect your brain for a few months, months or years.

The risk of cancer

The relationship between sleeping night and sleep infected in the night is also caused due to the increase in the risk of bone and breast cancer.

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