physical fitness – why is physical activity important – Secret to get healthy body

why is physical activity important for child development Due to busy routine, the physical activity of the people is decreasing daily every day, due to which the calories taken taken in the fat are transformed into the surrounding parts of your stomach. Often people are engaged in reducing weight. But the most problem that is, is to remove the fat around the stomach. Do you know that some people are not thick but fat is stored around their stomach. Fat deposits on the stomach not only worsens your health, but it also worsens your look.


1- Avoid drinking water after eating


It is often seen that people drink plenty of water after eating food which is one of the main causes of stomach removal. Drinking water at the end of the meal should not be appropriate, but one should drink water after one and a half hours. If you are feeling thirsty then drink a cup of lukewarm lime after eating.

2- Eat a little bit


Instead of eating three times, eat a little bit by eating a little bit. Keep eating something in every two hours. Due to this, the metabolism of the body remains good, and the level of energy is also maintained. Increase the amount of protein in the food. They take more time to digest and the stomach is filled for a long time. The white part of eggs, fat free milk and curd, grilled fish and vegetables will slim and fit you.


3- Honey is beneficial

As we all know honey is the food of the qualities. This is also a factor in reducing obesity. Drink honey in lukewarm water every morning. Regarding this process, you will soon see the effect.


4- Green tea drinks


If you are very fond of drinking tea, then instead of drinking milk, you will have green tea full of antioxidants, or drink black tea instead. It contains amino acids called thoyine, which stimulate such chemicals in the brain and controls your appetite.

Due to sitting in the same place for longer, fat increases in the stomach and the rest of the body. Most people sit after eating food and do not rotate at all. It also increases stomach fat. Even if you eat food, fat also increases. Many people sleep very much due to which the difference also increases on their body. One of these effects is seen in some parts of the body as seen fat. Eating too much frying and carbohydrate stuff increases fat. Drinking alcohol and smoking also increases fat on the stomach.

Healthy food is always a secret to get healthy body.

Where some people want to lose weight, there are some people who want to increase their weight.

1. Dry fruits benefits

Dry fruits are good sources of calories, nutrients and fiber (fiber). Therefore, include raisins, almonds, walnuts and cashews in your diet. A cup raisins contain about 449 calories, while one cup of almonds contains 529 calories.

2. Things

Like other dairy products things contain all essential nutrients. There is plenty of fat in it and if you want to increase weight quickly, it is useful for you. It contains proteins, calcium and cholesterol along with calories.

3- Benefits of Peanut Butter

Peanut is a rich source of butter proteins and fat and is suitable for those who want to increase weight. There is about 100 calories in one teaspoon pine butter.

4- sweet potato benefits

Potato is a common vegetable and when people have to reduce weight, generally people do not like to eat it. But why should you stay away from it? This is a rich source of complex carbohydrate and is helpful in increasing the weight.

5- Pasta

Pasta is a delicious and calorie diet. This is also a good source of carbohydrates. Mix it in vegetables and it becomes a good source of essential nutrients.



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