7 Important Tips for Exercise | Does exercise immune diseases?

Medical practitioners around the world emphasize exercise to stay healthy and avoid diseases. Experts say that modern facilities have created a very easy life in human life.
Rather there is a risk of human health. She is unhealthy and unhappy to spend luxury on day and day, due to which she is facing very serious problems.

what type of exercise is best for autoimmune disease

Modern style is becoming a cause of obesity. The audience says that exercise not only helps in obesity, but in every part of the age, there is a limit to human beings at the age of growth.

Exercise protects from many potential diseases And reduces aging loss. People who exercise, exercise work better than their age in every part of the age.

Children are jumping and playing at all times and never sit in chains. That’s why they show not only turtles but also stay healthy. These kids are slowly used to play slowly. He sticks himself up on his own .Just like a machine keeps moving, but when it closes, it gets bored.

health benefits of walking 1 hours a day

A healthy healthy person can keep himself healthy from walks, horticulture, swimming or drying, but it is necessary that the exercise is not temporarily adopted.

If a walk is started even after a doctor or a trained person consultation. Some people begin walking in a desert shape and initially take a long distance to tackle themselves, but because of the habit of not walking, Let’s start. Exercise should always start steady.
If the physician advises a walk on half an hour, you must do it, but do not make this step hard, but enjoy the mind lightly.

health benefits
It is not necessary that you should take a walk in the first half an hour .If you feel comfortable in fifteen and twenty minutes, stop a walk .Still for those who do not work for a long time, it is necessary for them to exercise their exercise time. Increase speed , Experts say that if you adopt the following methods for exercising, it will be at least you will be healthy, but it will not be possible for physical harm.

Tilt towards the foot and apply both of your hands on the ground. Then stand straight and repeat the process on the left. Be careful not to turn both hours and turn away stories. Try to put the handbag on the ground.This exercise is very good for the pate.

These exercises can be useful for the desire to reduce the increased stomach.
Lift on the crate on the left side of the ground and put your weight on the left corner. Put your right knee stomach and lift the left leg. As long as you can move your right hand towards the right leg. Repeat the side three times and then do the other side.

Lay down on your left and put your weight on the left corner and lift both right and right hand in the top and feel lower, then lift the leg and the left on the right side.
Lift straight on the ground. Then lift the waist and place it on both hands and set the legs inwards and balance the fingers.

This workout is useful for thighs and stomachs .Keep on straighten sides, put the waist on the hand and lift up all the body above them .Keep the left leg straight and twist the right leg and get it to the stomach. Turn towards the left leg knee. Similarly, repeat the same with the second leg.

This exercise is useful for waist, arm and thighs .If it is difficult to get it, keep them on the ground and lay them down on the ground. Move the arm arm over the head and turn towards the waist in the waist.

Useful exercises for muscle strengthening exercises

This exercise is useful for stomach muscles .Let down on the ground then try to sit while dragging both hands and feet.
Put the thumb and the toes of the foot towards one side. Hold it for two seconds and then hold it again .Ship it to the bottom left and then on the right ……!

Lift on your left, keep the head and shoulder straight. Keep your body on the left hand and keep your face in front of the face. Let the straight leg go and move as many as 10 times as you can.
Repeat the same process on the other side.

Lift over the ground, lift the head and tie forward both arms .To keep the shoulders straight .Let your legs upwards .Used your head with a little bit. Pick up the legs up and down .

You can beat them twice a few times without legs .This exercise is useful for lapsing .If you have to face a little bit in the beginning to do it, .


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