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health information : If you can not go to the gym because of some reason, do not take the tennis, then the body can make the body exactly what you have to reduce your weight and reduce fatty fat, then you exercise yourself again. You can create a mixture.

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If you want to gym on the floor, you can easily tell today.
First of all take a wooden table


A sandbag

Tractor tire

Small Tire


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Find an old bag in your mouth and fill it with dirty sand and you can use this bag for boxing.

If you do not want to have a good body, you will be able to yoga, so that your body can become very good and exercise during the Sabbath and make your body improve. (health education)

How much fat and fit body will look like, first it is necessary to see how much fat is available in your body if you have more fat, first of all you will have to make fat stomach, then your body is good. It can become healthy and healthy food so that the body can be in its proper form.
If you do not want to have a good body, keep your mind in mind.

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