Abu Ali Sina says cold water if you do not get sick in the womb

Islamabad(Monitoring Desk) is to give special advice to the heart of the heart to which it will be written if it reaches forward, there will be a cause of saving and saving of many people. Treatment of Hot water, you will not believe. JAPAN I. A large group of doctors concluded that 100% of hot water treatment is obtained, some of which are severe headache migraine, hi-blood Pressure, blood shortage, joint pain, pneumonia, pestilence fat, cholesterol intense cough, unhealthy glow pain, black cough veins, black urine blocks, urine and all its associated diseases.

Wound stomach decreases appetite and every disease associated with eye-eye. The cures can arise early in the morning and the mouth-mouth is about to drink 4 glasses of 160 cc. Water is hot but not so that the language is near to heat. Drinking a careful drinking water does not have to eat anything for 45 minutes. And then do not drink water after two hours after each meal. Some people can not drink 4 glasses in the beginning, then slowly reach it to the glass. The treatment of various diseases from the patient has proven in certain periods and some Sugar Sugar 30 days, BP 30 days, All stomach problems 10 days, all kinds of cancer 9 months, closure of veins 6 months, less hungry 10 days, ideal and related diseases 10 days, nose ear 20 Day, women’s illness 15 days, heart and related diseases 30 days, severe headache megreen 3 days, blood loss 30 days, fat. Cholesterol 4 months, chicken and stroke, with bail, difficulties for 9 months of stomach asthma 4 months. In ancient times, hot water has been said to have been very beneficial before the breakfast and it is very emphasis. Try it out. * But cold water * Cool water of Bali Sinai If you do not get sick in the body, you will get the most ill after the junk, cool water connects 4 veins of heart, also closes the real vein of the heart. It is important to cause cold drinks due to cold drinks, because of cold water liquor causes fat to stick to it..the information will be forwarded to you. God will give His reward.
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