Ethical Hacking Course in Hindi Leaked – Netcat backdoor & netcat reverseshell

Today, this hacking will be told in the hacking netcat-what’s the difference between the netcat and ethical hacking netcat_reverseshell. This course is designed for everyone in Urdu who are absolutely unaware of this programming and that is why ethical hacking We are interested in learning. We’ve posted many courses on our web, and you will be able to get a lot of hackers from learning.


Ethical hacking and black hat is completely different from hacking because some use iron-hacking for false purposes. In this course provide you a very important video that is very useful to see which you can understand very well.

We’ve told this course in the context of Netcat_backdoor or the tools made by Techip, or the tools used in this course are made by tools Saeed Hanif. There are also plenty of tools that you can find from the Dark Wave because Saeed Hanif uses exploit to market in the dark web. We will exploit you very quickly by using which you can extract any web data and most of them The key thing we will give to you is that course is for Education Purpose, we can not take the responsibility of all of you.

Hope you will be very benefited in our course


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