Top 5 Ways for Control on diabetes – Importance of healthy food in our life

how we can Control on diabetes? It is important to control diabetes and pay special attention to your cooking. Apart from this, there are many home-based ways that you control diabetes  and live a common life.
The biggest health problems are. Unusual lifestyle, its main reason for eating wrong food, but by improving lifestyle and eating habits, we can avoid these problems.
Diabetes increase the level of blood sugar, which has the ability to produce body insulin. Sometimes it also does not use the body actively.

Control on diabetes in 5 Minutes 

1. Use of continuous leaves

Encounter is found in anti-oxidantant. In addition, there are many elements in which waterproof beta sales are active for insulin.

These cells increase the growth of the insulin. Taking the morning, make two stomach to three lamps. You can also drink a continuous juice if you want. It has lower blood sugar levels.


2. benefits cinnamon powder

The use of cinnamon increases the sensitivity of insulin. It is helpful in reducing and controlling the level of sugar in the blood. Due to its regular consumption obesity can also be reduced.

Grind the cinnamon to powder and grind it with lukewarm water. Pay special attention Taking this powder in a very large quantity can be dangerous.


3. Green tea Benefit 

Green Tea finds high quantity policyfinals. This is an active anti-oxidant. Which helps blood smuggler. Green tea will be beneficial every morning and evening.


4. Rajan’s leaf juice benefits control the debit

Residency leaves are also very good to control the debit. Grind the drumstick leaves and rub it in the morning. It will not raise the lugger.

5. Gymnastics seed seeds

Jamam seeds are also beneficial to control the dotage. Well cleaned the seeds of jamam. Then make a dried money. Take the morning with raw syrup seeds with drained seeds. This will help control the debit.


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