eye exercises to improve

Do you know how we can improve our eye exercises ?? We will tell you some tips on this eye exercises, and you will get a lot of benefits on this post, and you do not need to go to the doctor, we will tell you some ways of eye exercises, which you will be very useful for everyone.

can you improve vision with eye exercises?

Do you know how we can exercises our eye ??
A few ways of eye exercise.
Hold your finger away from your eye in a few inches away.
You focus on your finger.
Now slowly move your face away from your face, focus on it.
At the distance, look for a few moments.
You focus on your fingerprint finger and focus it gradually towards your eyes.
At some distance in the distance away focus on you.
Three times a quarter


How to exercises eye care?

Cover your two hands well for 10 to 15 minutes so that they get hot, now cover them on both eyes but keep in mind that they start eye-eyed eye-eyelashes, so that eye exercises Special attention is taken, removing the hands for a while, thus the eyes will feel as favors.
Blowing the eyelids every 3 to 4 seconds also gives eye-to-face and comfortable comfort when we are sitting on TV or computer, our eyes are constantly moving towards the screen, and during that time we rarely bite it. For every few seconds, it is very important to bite the eyebrows so that our eyes can be relaxed.

If you work, feel tired during work so that the eyes can be covered with both the palms for a while, so that the darkness becomes dark, consider it in the dark for a few moments. It also gives relief to the eyes and nerves. Will get

Sit eyes straight down to reach comfort and relaxation, look at the top of the head without the head, and look at the very right and left side, plus the thinners around it, this eye exercises not only eyes The muscles will rest, but it will be too sharp.

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