Harmful effects of artificial long Eyelashes

Women’s long and eyelashes are considered a sign of attraction and beauty. Consequently, make use of artificial pulse in females is increasing. However, these attractive and long flakes can be extremely harmful.
The use of an artificial pulse in the cosmetics industry is increasing daily. But it passes through a long stage of preparation to become a human eye. Synthetic eyelashes are used in two ways. The first and easy way is that the implanted eyelashes of the market are stuck on the eyes, but in other ways, a single hair is stuck between natural eyelids through a particular glow.

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Only upper eyelids can only be up to three hours only. After this, pet water should not be contacted for at least twenty-four hours, in this time you can’t wash your mouth, It isn’t mandatory that the consequence of artificial polishing is beautiful. Eyes can also cause inflammation. Teacher Christine relates to the Bureau of Allergies and Dermatology. It could start a group of discomfort and strong discomfort,” she says, as a total result, it could business lead to many other enzymes that can be very difficult to carry. Is. Related image

Beauty, not protection

Plants aren’t intended to increase beauty but they are to protect our eyes. It prevents small particles and other things from going inside the eye. They also save eyes from sweat, blowing wind and severe weather. Experts also call the eyelashes of the eye safety wall. At first glance, his goal is not to increase beauty but to protect eyes. Pulse is new every six to four weeks. The life of a puppy is up to one hundred and fifty-five days.

Eyelashes made from animals

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Silk, artificial fibers or artificial flakes utilized by pet hair are accustomed to attract the eye. A lot of the animals are prepared with hairstyle hair. It is available in the market. Site Lakes or Yankees Leagues. But animal protection organizations continue to protest against it. According to these organizations, pet use can’t be allowed in cosmetic products industry. Such organizations are strictly against the preparation of eyelashes with aquatic hair also. Alternatively, petrol companies say that the hair roots of locks are taken off the upper body of water.

Imported from Asia

Most artificial flavors made of aquarium hair are imported from China and South Korea. Organizations working for animal protection in those countries are not more active and companies in developed countries like Germany are not bound to tell them from which country imported petals are imported. On the other hand, most women do not like to question that animals have been made of hair or have been prepared with artificial fiber.
Transplantation of the petals is done as the transplantation of the hair of the head. Natural and artificial flakes start falling shortly after a few weeks before the treatment and new artificial flakes are placed in the blankets later.

However, doctors also say that such artificial pulse people have three to ten percent of those who face their adverse effects.

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