Health Tips – Can Diabetes patients eat jaggery?

Diabetes sufferers often have a strong desire to eat something sweet and have a high severity. However, Sugar can be considered as poison for its victims. But molasses is additionally regarded as a great choice as an alternative. Certainly, jaggery offers lots of benefits to health, but is it a legitimate healthy choice for people with diabetes?

Is it better than sugar?

Jaggery is actually a traditional type of sweetness that is made by cooking sugarcane juice, Because of this, it is in the solid-state it is much less refined when compared to sugar, while it also consists of various essential ingredients, including potassium, iron, and calcium, But that does not mean that people with high blood sugar can eat jaggery. It might be brown that appears healthy. But not a good choice for diabetics


Does it Contain Sugar?

Yes, it really has a lot of sweetness, the jag is definitely a nutritious sweet treat, but the sweet alternatives contain about 65 to 85 percent of the sucrose, which is why it’s not suitable for diabetics.

Does it Increase the Blood Sugar level?

Eating jaggery has the same impact on glucose levels in the body as while eating sugar. Most people think that replacing sugar with jaggery can help maintain blood sugar levels, yet this is not the case.

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