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vegetarian protein – Protein is the vital nutrient our body needs to get from meat, eggs, milk and dairy products. But did you know that we can also get protein from fruits, especially those who do not want to eat meat or avoid it, they can fulfill their physiological needs by getting protein from fruits. These fruits may not provide the same amount of protein as meat and eggs, but the protein from them is more useful Because protein should be obtained from sources that have very low cholesterol and saturated fats. That’s why experts recommend getting protein from fruits and vegetables rather than animals.

Protein fruits:

protein in fruits and vegetable chart: Fruits contain important nutrients, vitamins, natural sugar, and fiber. All of these are very important to our health. But there are some fruits that can be obtained with other nutrients as well as light protein. For you can eat this fruit.

1: Raisin

These fruits contain low amounts of protein, but as they contain other nutrients, you must include them in your diet. Be sure to consult a dietitian to meet your protein needs. To get protein accordingly.

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