job interview questions tell me about yourself – interview questions answer for fresher

In job interviews, frequently asked questions, candidates often make the mistake of answering. Or, when answering these questions, what is considered negative for them. These mistakes are usually made by candidates who go to job interviews for the first time. If you are going to interview for the first time, then prepare for these common questions.

Question 1 – interview questions Tell us about yourself?

Answer – Candidate resume and cover letter to an interviewer can tell a lot. The goal of the interviewer through this question is to know whether the candidate will perform well in his job or not? That is, why and how did he make decisions about his studies? The candidate should tell why he wants to do this job. Why did you choose the same college or institute to study? By this, the interviewer will know that you studied but why did he choose it?

Question 2 –  What is your biggest drawback?

unique interview questions : Answer: For each candidate, it is important to know how to answer this question. You have to show your weakness as your strength. You can give such an answer. Like – ‘My greatest shortage is that I am so lost in work that I forget time only. I should take care of time, but when I like work, I do not think of anything else. ‘

Question 3 – Where do you want to see yourself in the next 6 years?

The answer – Candidates should respond positively to their ambition here. You can give such an answer. Like – ‘There are so many talented people here but I want to do a good job and want to see my self where my talent takes me.’

Question 4 – Why should we hire you from all these candidates?

Answer – Candidates can not compare themselves with others unless they know others. He can only tell about his passion, efforts, and commitments.

Question 5 – How did you know about this job?

Answer- You should never say that the job, from Linkedin or Job portal, has come to know about the job. You say that this job has come to know about the company’s employee or colleague. You have to answer this question right here that you want to get a job in the company.

Question 6 – What do you like except for work?

Answer – You do not tell about those hobbies that you do not like. Tell us about such skills that will help you in your growth. You can give such an answer. Like – ‘I am learning Spanish or swimming.’

Question 7 – What is your biggest strength?

Answer – In reply to this question, tell about your truly professional and work-related to Strenth. For example, for marketing jobs, you can say that your relationship building and marketing skills are good.

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