4 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog in the New Year

Have I missed the boat with blogging? If blogging remains relevant, how could it benefit me? i assume I’m trying to figure out… why should I start a blog?

My friend isn’t the sole one asking these sorts of questions.

At the beginning of each year tons of individuals ponder whether a blog should be a neighborhood of their plans for the New Year . and each January we see a spike in our Google Analytics where people are coming back from Google to articles like ‘How to start out a Blog’ and ‘Is a Blog Right for You?’ Which is why we put together our most comprehensive resource on the subject of starting blogs – our free Ultimate Guide to Starting a Blog Course (which kicks off tomorrow).

Thousands of individuals have already taken this course and began blogs, both at the beginning of – and throughout – the previous 2 years we’ve run the course. But i do know some people in my friend’s shoes who are still trying to figure out if a blog is true for them, and what the benefit would be to start out one.

As I consider the question of why someone should start a blog in 2020, I can’t help but return to the start of my very own blogging journey in 2002.

Why I Started Blogging

My decision to start out a blog came very quickly. Within quarter-hour of seeing my first blog I wanted to possess one. When I talk at conferences about my start, I often mention two things I found attractive within the first blogs I saw:

  • They gave normal people a ‘voice’ to share their story, experience and concepts .
  • They created community, and an area for others to return and interact round the ideas, stories and knowledge of the blogger.

The other thing I loved about the thought of getting a blog is it might be an area on behalf of me to precise myself, plan loud and record different aspects of my life and what i used to be doing and learning. It also seemed like fun.

Ultimately, I had a hunch that blogging might be good on behalf of me . I had no real vision of where it’s going to lead. and that i suspect that the majority bloggers some time past started during a similar way.

Things have changed since 2002.

I still meet quite few bloggers who start for similar reasons – eager to express themselves, make connections and celebrate . But many now come to blogging with more formed ideas of the advantages blogging might bring back them.

Tools like Blogger, MovableType, TypePad and WordPress followed, and today there’s a whole industry of blogging tools. Similarly, the ways people use blogs has changed. once I started, many bloggers described their blogs as online diaries where different topics sat side by side quite comfortably during a myriad of various categories.

While this approach still exists today, more and more bloggers have narrowed their focus to ‘niche’ topic blogs, or write surely demographics of readers.

Finally, we’ve seen an evolution within the benefits and outcomes people hope to realize with their blogs. While self-expression remains why many of us blog, others want to form a profit or use their blog to land other opportunities which will bring them financial reward.

  • Which brings me to at least one of my friend’s main questions.
  • Why should I start a blog?

4 Reasons to start out a Blog in 2020

There’s no single answer to the present question, and that i don’t believe that each person should have a blog. But there are some specialized reasons for starting a blog today, which I’d like to looked for those considering starting one.

Of course, this isn’t a definitive list. And confine mind that a lot of bloggers start for quite one among these reasons.

Self-Improvement and private Development

While blogging unexpectedly became the idea for my business, and has opened amazing opportunities on behalf of me to earn an income, one among the most important benefits to stepping into this space is that the same reason I got into it.

Blogging has given me an area to precise myself. Something very powerful happens once you get into the habit of ordering and writing down your thoughts, ideas, stories and opinions. People are doing this for hundreds of years privately diaries and journals. But to place a number of this stuff into a public forum for others to interact with has been a really positive experience on behalf of me .

Having an area to precise myself has given me many personal benefits.

  • learned such a lot about the topics I write on
  • identified, sharpened and deepened my ideas and opinions
  • refined my voice
  • grown my writing and communication skills
  • built discipline
  • found an ingenious outlet
  • confronted fears and doubts and grown in confidence.

This list could continue . But rock bottom line is I’m far better as an individual for having a blog.


It will come as no surprise to regular ProBlogger readers that one among the explanations I’m giving for starting a blog is it are often financially profitable. I’m not saying every blog are going to be profitable. But many bloggers have grown income streams from their blogging, both directly and indirectly.

This isn’t the place to travel into depth about the way to make money blogging. (I’ve written many articles on the subject , and recommend reading my Make Money Blogging article as a start line .). I blogged for 18 months without knowing you’ll make money from blogs. It started very slowly. Despite having an honest audience, my first month with AdSense brought in around A$60 (around US$45). My first month of earnings wouldn’t even get me a coffee each day .

Still, it had been a start. I don’t typically share my income. But for instance how it’s grown, here’s a touch insight into these two income streams. My total Amazon Associates earnings since 2004 is around US$850,000.
My total AdSense (now programmatic advertising) earnings since 2004 is around US$2,800,000.

I hesitated about sharing these figures, because I don’t want to create false hope that anyone who starts a blog will reach this type of income level. Not every blogger who sets bent make money blogging reaches a full-time level.

I should also means this income is from 15+ years of blogging. It’s never an overnight thing.

But it’s possible to create significant income from blogging.

Since 2009 we’ve sold many thousands of eBooks, courses and Lightroom Presets on my main blog – photography School. And even as many sales of other people’s products as an affiliate. I’m not the foremost profitable blogger around. But the very fact I’ve achieved this level as a results of beginning to monetize within the youth is sort of amazing to me.

Of course, monetizing blogs through advertising, affiliate marketing and selling virtual products is simply a method to form money from blogging. There are more , like using the profile a blog can bring back promote your existing business or to sell your own services as a freelancer, coach, speaker, etc.

Blogs allow you to:

And I’ve lost count of what percentage times I’ve seen bloggers use their blog’s profile to land more traditional employment. (In these cases, their blog became their resume.) Note: I explore reasons why businesses should start blogging during this podcast. The other aspect of growing take advantage of a blog is it also can become an asset you’ll potentially sell at some point.


I mentioned earlier that one reason I wanted to start out a blog is those first blogs I found features a sense of community on them. While the bloggers were using their blogs to amplify their own voices, those blogs were also an area for people to seek out their voices too. A community was forming within the comments. Bloggers were linking to (and building relationships with) one another . And there was a stunning sense of inclusiveness between bloggers.

As I reminisce over the past 18 years I’ve been blogging, many of the highlights are about the people I’ve had the chance to satisfy and interact with. Some may cause financially rewarding opportunities. But more often than not it results in lasting friendships, and a true sense of belonging in dynamic and supportive communities.

Giving Something Back

This is my final reason, but it’s by no means the smallest amount important. In fact, on behalf of me it’s probably the foremost meaningful. One of the large benefits of blogging is that the potential to form the planet we sleep in a far better place. And while not all blogs do that , many neutralize their own small way. My blogs are about photography and blogging. They’re not topics which will make a serious difference on a worldwide scale. (I din’t see a Nobel Peace Prize in my future.) But i do know that after publishing content a day for 15 years my blogs have made a difference to the lives of the many .

A few years ago I shared a post here on ProBlogger about how an individual came up to me recently at a conference and credited ProBlogger with saving their marriage. et al. shared how they’d build significant businesses through seeing things we’d published.

Blogging can change your life as a blogger in some ways . But the experience is even more meaningful and rewarding once you realise it are often also wont to inspire, educate, and provides others a way of belonging. It also provides many opportunities to shine the sunshine and lend your voice to other worthwhile causes. one among my very own highlights from blogging came once I had opportunity to visit Tanzania and see the work of a tremendous organisation working with people with disabilities therein country.

Being able to use my blogs to offer a voice to the present worthy cause was a tremendous opportunity.

Should you start a blog in 2020?

Unfortunately, I can’t answer that question for you. But I can say that, on a private level, starting a blog was one among the foremost amazing things I’ve even done.

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