how to control high blood pressure immediately

In case of high blood pressure
1. Eat healthy food.
2. Make regular exercise your own.
3. Control laserol and sugar.
4. Reduce the use of protein and grease.
5. Do not increase your weight too. If you do not have a weighing machine, measure your waist from the Measure Tape. The waistian waist is 32 inches and more than 36 inches of camels, then pay attention to weight loss.

6. Avoid smoking.
7. Make a lot of juices.
8. Frozen food): Feed use of food avoided at least. Due to long-term food, it increases the number of carhohydrates (fatty fats) and sodium).
9. Use of bronze keeps the blood flow in patients if you do not like oily garlic, you can also take garlic Supplements as well.

foods to avoid with high blood pressure

10. Laser Aloe and Basil Basil)), use the fresh leaves of nose bull in the salad.
11. Health careers must check their blood pressure once a year, but the blood pressure appetite for blood pressure Apparatus at home should be checked, but instead check it frequently, check the specific time according to the doctor’s advice.

how to lower blood pressure instantly in an emergency

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