7 Ways activities to improve mental health – mental health self help strategies

why negative thoughts come in your mind: Keeping the scale of growth in life not to compete with others, but thinking positive, should be practically operational head by removing yourself from negative things.
Habits are the main part of our lives that can be in our favor and can also go against us! Especially our mental habits affect our lives and if we leave them in the same manner, then determine the routes for us also.

Positive negative mental habits that affect the personality

That is why we need to get to know about mental habits and to give them a shape that can be better than enjoying the benefits of life better than enjoying the health of life.
The nature of everything we do naturally is on our mental habits. It can be said that our mental habits affect our actions.

steps to breaking bad habits

We can do whatever we want when we give our mental habits a special form and control. Otherwise, when mental habits affect our lives, we get something that we are doing whether it is good or bad. Our mental habits also affect our health and beauty – good habits positively and bad habits show negative effects.

If we want to control our mental habits, first we have to clean our minds.
Below are some of the mental habits that we need to overcome, such as comparisons and abusive behavior, etc., whose negative and positive effects give light on the above habits.
Compare (Competitive)

how to stop comparing myself with others: Comparison This helps a person move forward. Compare yourself what you did today five years ago or six months ago. It will be better tomorrow to compare you today so that you Find out how you’re moving forward or back. This will help you to better position yourself. This is a fantasy that if you do not have everything else, but it is essential and important, but the problem seems to stand up when we and our own life Is it appropriate to make others fit with others? Is it not a movement in itself that we should try to proceed further? Get more of them?

mentally healthy workplace: The habit of comparing others to many lives creates many problems and causes irritation, and above all, you are unable to satisfy yourself. Due to this, our attention focuses on someone else We give our lives in the hands of our hands. This process eliminates our comfort and mental satisfaction.

do not compare yourself to others
If you want to compare,
compare yourself with what you are now in the past. We will get a true and solid pin because you can not lie to yourself. You know all about yourself. We will get rid of our target if we compare others. Chances and energy will be separated and we will not be able to get the truth The mind, through which we pass through the process of growth and creation, should not be targeted to compare the negative things of ourselves within the negative things of others.

We struggle and compete because we think we should do this, we keep ourselves in the race. Keep thinking that we should not be left behind. When we start trying to overcome our mental habits, then suffer from the following conditions.


how to be mentally healthy and happy

Are you satisfied? That is what your mind wants to know. Peace and satisfaction is the feeling that is the most powerful habit of mind and has positive impacts, and the satisfaction of the individual for personal development and personal evolution.

It is very important to imagine a safe one, indeed. we need a safe foundation for our satisfaction and protection, but it is not our goal. We know that when mental habits overcome us, it happens.

Life becomes easy and we have no positive experience or positive process for years so we do not get birth. We do not even remember when we were surprised ourselves for the last time.


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