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If you get an admission letter from the desired university or institution, then you will have to apply for a visit to Germany from Germany. You should find out what kind of visa you have to apply for.
Your passport number

Your MRV fee payment receipt number
The ten (10) digit barcode number from your DS-160 confirmation page


Where can I get my visa?

earlier than getting into Germany, you’ll have to apply for a visa in German Embassy or consulate located in Pakistan. The German Embassy in Pakistan is placed in Islamabad, while the Consulate preferred’s office is in Karachi. you could additionally go to the German Embassy website for in addition information. click here to visit the website of the German Embassy website in Pakistan.


important observe: A visa utility may additionally take several weeks or numerous months to take impact

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Will the documents require visas?

The best thing about this is that you get information from the German Embassy or Consulate in Pakistan, but usually you need the following documents with a fully-visa visa form:

1 Health Insurance Proof
2 proof of financial resources (see description below)
3 previous educational certificates
4 Schedule A curriculum vitae (CV)
5 admission liters
6 German / English language certificates

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(Proof of financial resources)

2 Evidence of getting a scholarship from a recognized scholarship foundation
3 In an account of 700 euros in an account
4 bank guarantee
5 Any German resident or relative of your German exposure to your expenses
through the proof of economic sources, you confirm that you could undergo your educational expenses in Germany even as dwelling in Germany. For this reason, you have to show the belongings of approximately 8000 euros (about 900 euros) monthly. The higher is that you ask the German Embassy in Islamabad to provide evidence of ways economic assets you have got. In truth you can offer this proof in lots of approaches.Proof of parent’s income and asset
Visas forms can be downloaded from the German Embassy website. Click here to access the visa form. Generally a student is issued a visa for three months from Pakistan, which is to be

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